My recent paintings use the symbol of the house as metaphor for personal history and events. I have been interested in the house as a domestic and emotional stand-in, in a variety of mediums, throughout my career.

My favorite surface for the support of a painting is linen that I stretch over a wood panel. The rather uneven texture of the linen and the firm surface of the panel underneath appeal to both the geometric and organic aspects in my work.

As a practicing artist over decades, I have worked in oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing, printmaking, collage, and painted construction. Landscape, science, symbols, dreams, memory, invention and observation have all served my art. I work with both figuration and abstraction.

I embrace whimsy in my work, reflecting both serious and playful moments. The ironies in everyday life, as well as in world events, are what underly many of my images.

In September 2019, I will be honored with a solo exhibit "Then and Now", featuring examples of 40 years of my work. The show opens on Sept.6, at the Albany Center Gallery, Albany NY.


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